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I have been practicing sculpture since 1987. I chose it by instinct and I cannot explain this choice by logic nor can I say why I did not choose something else, painting for example. Until now, however, nothing has made me regret this decision.
  I conceive my work in sculpture in the same simple way that I conceive life. I express all issues that occupy my mind as I feel them, without trying to <<decorate>> them with foreign elements. All of the themes I work on have been in my thoughts since my childhood. This is something I realize now that I work as a sculptor. Working on these themes I find the urge to descend into them as much as I can, to look further back and deep inside of them   but the more I progress the more I realize that the distance I have to cover is getting bigger and bigger.
Space as a concept is something that I realize while walking on the beach or in a forest, when it rains or when I walk out during a beautiful night, when something makes me feel pressed or happy. This is how I visualize the various dimensions of space.
Nature and history are my most important teachers. Observing even the last leaf on the smallest tree we can learn about the creation of the world and even the life. We also can see the notion of culture in the struggle of mankind for life through thousands of years and we are part of this flow. Sometimes we manage to express something of what has troubled our thoughts. These times you walk down the street as usual ( a night near the sea for example) but not stepping on the ground, you hover an inch above the earth, so little that only you can realize it, only you experience it and nobody else can see it.
While working as associate professor of Athens School of Fine Arts with my students at the workshop of plaster and bronze casting, what I try to convey to them is that everything we do in our work has its value and that finally all we have done forms our work of art. My students seem to understand it very well.
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